Permaculture Realized Podcast

The Permaculture Podcast You've Been Waiting For

The Permaculture Podcast you’ve been waiting for!  /hyperbole

The Permaculture Realized Podcast delivers practical skills and knowledge to build your ecologically restorative homestead, farm, neighborhood, or business based on Permaculture concepts and methods. Our guests work in many various fields including plant propagation, alternative technology, ecosystem restoration, permaculture design, energy conservation, policy-making, community organizing, animal husbandry, market vegetable gardening, homesteading, organic farming, education and more. Collectively we are developing the structures and systems to supply our basic human needs in a way that improves the health of the ecosystem and ourselves. Dive right in!

Music Credit: Revolve by HisBoyElroy and Red Dust by Zero 7
Images Credit: Nine Layers of Forest Garden – TC Permaculture, Public School Domestic Science by Mrs. J. Hoodless, The Copp, Clark Company, Limited,1898

More Permaculture Podcast Episodes coming soon! 😀

Episode 26, Choosing the Best Homestead Property with Ben Falk


Episode 25, Permaculture Homesteading with Justin Rhodes


Episode 24, Growing Nutrient Dense Food with Dan Kittredge


Episode 23, Permaculture Farming at Cooperative 518 with Alec Gioseffi and Lauren Nagy


Episode 22, How to do Non-Profit Permaculture with Robyn Mello


Episode 21, Creating an Abundant Permaculture Group with Jesse Tack


Episode 20, Creating a Permaculture Guild with Kate Heiber-Cobb


Episode 19, Why Should I Take a Permaculture Design Course? with Rhonda Baird


Episode 18, Flint Water Crisis Permaculture Solutions with Nathan Ayers


Episode 17, Carbon Farming – Crops to Stop Climate Change with Eric Toensmeier


Episode 16, COP21 Insights from the Paris Climate Conference with Albert Bates


Episode 15, Spiral Ridge Permaculture with Cliff Davis


Episode 14, Edible Forest Gardens, Coppice, and Culture Design with Dave Jacke


Episode 13, Sacred Earth Landscaping and Farm with Eran Rhodes


Episode 12, Putting the Art in Permaculture with Penny Krebeihl, 


Episode 11, The May Farm, Regenerative Agriculture with Paul and Sharron May


Episode 10, Just Plant Trees with Jake Milarch of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive


Episode 9, City Permaculture, Design of Urban Landscapes with Levi Meeuwenberg


Episode 8, Creating Edible Landscapes and Forest Garden Ecosystems with Fred Meyer


Episode 7, The Strawbale Studio, Thatch Roofs, Earth Plaster and Natural Building with Deanne Bednar


Episode 6, Woodcraft, Ecological Design, and Holistic Farm Integration with Mark Angelini


Episode 5, Commercial Scale Composting and Recycling with Andy Gale


Episode 4, Water Issues, Drought in Brazil, and Growing a New Future with Kat Curtis


Episode 3, Restoring an Old Apple Tree Orchard and a Sip of Hard Cider with Trevor Newman


Episode 2, The Permaculture Journey: Health, Apples, Fiber and Alpacas with Samantha Graves


Episode 1, Why We Do Permaculture, a Call to Action with Peter Bane


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